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How to burn DV to DVD?

We all know DV is the abbreviation of Digital Video. It is a digital video format developed by multiple famous home appliance manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and Canon, etc. Nowadays, it also means a digital video camera. Digital video is often recorded on a tape or through More

How to convert video to 3D?

3D film was first appeared on 24th, May, 1953. In order to attract audiences from TV, Hollywood has launched a new type of films. That is 3D film. Audiences who put on special glasses find that they are hidden behind the running train or devils when they watch adventure films like Bois the devil More

How to convert MTS to FLV?

MTS is a HD video format which is widely applied on HD DV or cameras. Most HD DVs like Sony HD DV are using this video format. Therefore, if we take videos with a HD DV on Halloween or maybe some other festivals, how can we upload the videos on video sharing website such as YouTube. The answer is More

How to convert YouTube to DVD?

As we know that YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing websites, from where we could find all kinds of movies, TV programs and family films. If we find some excellent videos on YouTube and want to use it together with our own videos to create a DVD, how can realize it? Actually, we just More

How to convert MTS/MT2S to AVI?

MTS and M2TS are popular HD video formats. They are often seen in HD DV videos. Videos we taken by HD DV such as Sony HD DV are often MTS or M2TS videos. However, many portable devices and websites cannot support these video formats. Thus we need to convert MTS or M2TS to AVI which is supported More

How to convert VOB to YouTube?

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the largest video sharing website around the world. It could allow users to upload videos such as TV programs, personal films, music videos and videos taken by users and so on. Users could upload and manage videos in YouTube and build groups for certain hobby. As for More

How to convert DVD VOB to AVI?

As we know, VOB is a file that we often used to save the audio, video and subtitles on a DVD. It is widely applied on DVD. While AVI is a file format that synchronizes and combines audio and video. It is often used on multimedia CD for saving the TV programs or movies and some other data. And AVI More

How to convert MKV to VOB?

MKV is not a compressed format, but a Matroska media file which is a new multimedia packaging forma and also called Multimedia Container. It could package multiple videos with different coding, more than 16 audios with different coding and different language subtitles into one Matroska media More

How to convert ASF to AVI?

ASF, the abbreviation of Advanced Streaming Format, is a streaming multimedia file format Microsoft developed for Window 98. It is the core of Windows Media Player. ASF is a data format which could help audio, video, images and control orders scripts be transferred as network data package to More

How to convert M4V to M4A audio?

M4V is a video format that mostly applied on network video websites and mobile devices. It is a special type of MP4 format. The suffix is often .mp4 or .m4v. It applies H.264 video coding and AAC audio coding. It is designed by Apple and often seen on Ipod, Iphone and PlayStation Portable.