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How to convert M4V to PSP?

As we know, M4V is a special type of MP4. It is often applied on video sharing websites and mobile devices. Unfortunately, it cannot be supported by PSP. Thus, we need to convert M4V to PSP if we want to watch M4V video on a More

How to burn MOV to DVD?

As for burning MOV to DVD, we need a DVD Creator, which not only burn MOV to DVD in high quality and support customizing DVD menu. In addition, we can edit the video and add 3D effects, burn MOV to DVD and even customize the DVD menu.
Now, this guide will tell you how to burn MOV to DVD More

How to convert MTS to MKV?

MTS is a HD video format we often seen on HD DV recorders. And MKV is another HD video format we often seen online. Thus, this paper will aim at how to convert MTS to MKV.
For realize the conversion from MTS to MKV, we need More

How to convert video to YouTube on Mac?

Many people ask that how to convert video to YouTube on Mac so that several of videos can be posted on YouTube. In fact, you just need a Mac Video Converter, which can enable you to convert MKV, MP4, MPEG4 and many other videos convert to YouTube video in high quality as well as keep all the More

How to convert F4V to MOV?

F4V is a stream media format that can support H.264. It is developed by Adobe for the HD era. The main different between F4V and FLV is F4V has applied H.264 high definition coding while FLV applies the H.263 coding. Thus, F4V has been accepted by many video sharing websites. But just like FLV, More

How to convert film to DVD on Mac?

Sometimes we find some beautiful films and want to convert it to DVD so that we can save it for a long time. Actually, this paper will aim at how to convert film to DVD on Mac.
Of course, we need a tool for converting More

How to convert M2TS to MOV?

The video files taken by a DV will appear as MTS file on the DV hard disk’s AVCHD directory. It is a HD video file that has applied MPEG-4 AVC or H.264 coding. Then, with the help of the BMP, it will become M2TS file when is turned to a computer. However, M2TS cannot be supported by many More

How to convert MKV to MP4?

Although MKV is a quite well-accepted nowadays, it cannot be supported by many portable devices such as tablet computers and smartphones and even PSP. Thus we could convert MKV to MP4 which is a quite popular video format supported by almost all of the portable devices.
In addition, we need More

How to convert YouTube to MP3?

Do you ever think how to convert YouTube to MP3 just because you want to play the music from a YouTube video on your media player? Have you ever try to find some applications that can help you convert YouTube to MP3 easily? Now, I’d like to tell how to More

How to convert VOB to MKV?

Generally, VOB is a file often seen on DVD files. VOB files usually contain audio, video and subtitles, etc. Actually, this format cannot be supported by many portable devices and websites. Next, I’d like to introduce how to More