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How to convert RM to MP4?

“What is RM video? When I put it on my Ipod device, it cannot be displayed. How can I play it on my Ipod device? Can anyone tell me? ”
As we know, RM is a stream media video file format. It can well be supported by RealPlayer. In addition, Ipod cannot support RM video, thus we need to More

How to burn FLV to DVD Mac?

“I made some really wonderful flash videos. Can anybody recommend some good converters that I could burn the flash videos to DVD. By the way, I use Mac computer. It would be much better if the converter can support adding my own watermark. Really thanks!”
I suggest using a Mac DVD More

How to convert WMV to WMA?

“I have some WMV files and I tried to directly drag them to the audio bar of Windows Movie Maker. However, I failed. I remember the old version Windows Movie Maker can directly convert video to audio. But I don’t know how to do it with the new version Windows Movie Maker? ”

In fact, More

How to convert MP4 to FLV?

Compared to MP4 video, FLV video can be much better accepted online. This paper will aim at how to convert MP4 to FLV.
Here we need a MP4 converter which can enable us to convert MP4 to FLV and many other videos and audios. More

How to convert FLV to AVI?

“Help! I have some flash videos and I want to convert FLV to AVI videos. How can I do this? Should I download some third-party tool or a converter? Can anybody recommend some good converters which can maintain the original More

How to convert FLV to MP3?

“I have downloaded a video from YouTube and it is flash video. The music in the video is really good. I hope I can rip the audio from the flash video so as it can be played on my MP3 player. Can anybody tell me how to rip audio from flash video? Should I need some third-party applications? More

How to convert MKV to FLV?

“Can anybody tell me how to convert MKV to FLV? I have multiple MKV files and want to convert MKV to FLV. If there any applications can batch convert MKV to FLV into one video file? Really thanks!”
To convert MKV to FLV, More

How to convert MP4 to DVD Mac?

Sometimes, we get some beautiful videos in MP4 format and want to convert MP4 to DVD Mac. How can we achieve this goal? Will we need some third-party application to help us converting MP4 to DVD on Mac? Which application can More

How to achieve conversion from YouTube to DVD?

As we know, DVD cannot accept YouTube videos, thus we have to convert YouTube video to DVD video if we want burning YouTube to DVD disc.
To achieve conversion from YouTube to DVD, we need a DVD Creator which can enable us More

How to convert MKV to MOV?

“Hello, I have an Ipod touch and Ipad which have installed QuickTime player. When I play a MKV file on QuickTime, it cannot be supported. Can QuickTime support MKV files? Or should I convert MKV to MOV file for watching the video More