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How to convert M4V to HTC Flyer?

M4V is a special MP4 video type which is developed by Apple Inc. It is mostly applied on Iphone, Ipod and PlayStation Portable. If we want to watch this video format on HTC Flyer, we need to convert it to video format that HTC Flyer can support.

Apparently, HTC Flyer can directly support More

How to watch 3GP videos on Adobe Flash Player?

Now, we can see many 3G smartphones in the market and I believe many people have 3G smartphones. Thus, videos we taken with a 3G phone are mostly 3GP videos. This paper will tell us how to watch your 3GP videos taken by your 3G phones on Adobe Flash Player.

First, we should make clear More

How to watch FLV videos on Android 4.0 phones?

Since the release of Android 4.0, many Android phones can be updated to Android 4.0. Android 4.0 has brought us many new functions and better user experience. However, it also brings us some pities like it cannot support FLV videos. So if you just have an Android 4.0 device and need to watch FLV More

How to convert VOB to 3GP?

“I have some VOB videos. Can anyone tell me how to play the VOB videos on my mobilephone? My cellphone is a 3G touch screen phone. Can I convert VOB to 3GP video? How can do it? Any good converter can help me?”

A video converter can help you to convert VOB to 3GP video in high quality More

How to convert MPG to MOV?

“Can anyone tell why my QuickTime cannot support MPG videos? What should I do if I want to watch MPG videos with QuikTime? I want to add MPG videos to QuikTime and make my own videos. Any good methods?”

QuikTime cannot support MPG videos, thus we have to convert MPG to MOV or other More

How do I burn 3GP to DVD?

“I have taken some 3GP videos with my 3G smartphones. How can I burn them to DVD so that I can keep them for a long time and send it to my present for presents. ”

To burn 3GP to DVD, we can use a DVD Creator which can well convert More

Tutorial of converting film to DVD on Mac

Sometimes we get some wonderful films and want to burn film to DVD so that it can be forever saved. Thus, this paper is actually a tutorial of converting film to DVD on Mac since many people uses Macbook nowadays.

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How to convert MOV to WMV?

“I have made some really excellent videos with QuickTime. When I export the videos, it has been MOV videos. I want to play the videos on my Windows Media Player. How can I play the MOV videos on my Windows Media Player?”

As for this question, we just need to convert MOV to WMV videos More

How to convert MOV to MKV?

As for converting MOV to MKV, we need the help of a superb Video converter, with which we can easily and quickly convert MOV to MKV as well as edit the video and add watermark for the converted video. In this way, we can upload the MOV video made by QuickTime to our weblogs and YouTube. More

How to burn MKV to DVD for Mac?

Do you want to make your own DVD movie with your Macbook? This paper will introduce how to burn MKV to DVD for Mac. With a superb Mac DVD Creator, you can make customized DVD movies in a few steps.

A Mac DVD Creator More