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How to convert AVI to QuickTime?

Will you feel depressed when you find the AVI videos you downloaded from internet cannot be played on QuickTime? QuickTime is not just a media player which can play all kinds of audios and videos. Furthermore, it is a multimedia structure video editor which can merge, divide, edit and even More

Guide: burning AVI to DVD Mac

AVI videos is quite popular nowadays which we can see everywhere. This paper will explain how to easily and quickly burn AVI to DVD Mac with a Macbook. Of course, here we need the help of a third-party application – Mac DVD Creator, which can let us to converting AVI to DVD Mac as well as More

How to convert YouTube Oscar video to MOV?

“Yesterday, the Oscar 2012 has been successfully held. Now, I have downloaded the videos of this Oscar Awards ceremony. I want to sync it to my Ipad2 so that I can watch and edit it with QuickTime. Can I convert the YouTube video to MOV? If it is possible, how to convert YouTube video to More

RIM releases Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS

After wait for a long time, Blackberry tablet users finally meet a major update of Blackberry operating system.

Today, RIM has provided download of Playbook 2.0 OS for users. It has brought us improved More

How to watch MPEG videos on Kindle Fire?

This paper will aim at how to watch MPEG videos on Kindle Fire. We know Kindle Fire is a tablet computer released by Amazon. It has a 7 inches touch screen which is quit e suitable for watching movies. However, it could primary support a few videos formats such as MP4. Thus, if we want to watch More

How to convert videos for Blackberry Playbook?

Blackberry Playbook is a tablet computer released by RIM. It has applied a 7inches touch screen, Blackberry Tablet OS, 1GHz processor and 1GB memory storage. Thus, it is quite suitable for watching videos on this machine. However it cannot support parts of the video formats such as 3GP and MP4 More

How to convert MKV to PSP video on Mac?

This paper will aim at how to convert MKV to PSP with a Macbook. I really hope that this paper will be helpful for people who are confusing how to get MKV movies for their PSP with a Macbook.

A good Mac video More

How to rip audio from DVD Mac?

Do you ever try to rip audio from DVD? Do you ever try to rip audio from DVD with a Macbook? Have you achieved it? This paper will tell you a simple way to rip audio from DVD Mac which only needs some simple operations.

You only need a video converter Pro for Mac which rip audio from DVD More

How to watch M4V on Oplayer?

Actually, M4V is a special type of MP4 video. It is often applied on network video websites and portable devices. However, Oplayer cannot support this video format. It can only support 3GP, AVI, WMA, MP3, WMV, FLV, RM, MOV, MKV, and MP4 and so on. Therefore, we just need to convert M4V to 3GP or More

How to convert Jeremy Lin video to MOV?

“Hi, everybody. I am a fan of Jeremy Lin. You know he performs really well recently. I have downloaded some videos about him from YouTube. It is a MP4 video. I want to convert it to MOV video. Can anyone tell me what is the simplest way to convert MP4 to MOV video? “

We just need a MP4 More