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How to convert MPEG to MP4

MPEG is supported by all popular web browsers and provides great quality but smaller size, while MP4 that use MPEG-4 compression is supported by many video programs, media players and portable devices. Therefore, More

How to convert movies to iPhone3GS

“I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to play external movies on the iPhone3GS. I have a bunch of movies that I played on my blackberry but I can’t save them and play them on my iPhone3GS. Can anyone help?”

From the specs of iPhone3GS, we can get the media formats that More

How to convert adobe FLV to QuickTime

Q: I need to convert adobe FLV videos to MOV that can be supported on QuickTime. I have tried Windows Movie Maker but it hard to use. Anyone use it before? Is there any other easy way to convert adobe FLV to MOV? Thanks!

A: The easiest way to More

How to convert AVI to FLV

AVI is widely accepted by most portable devices, but some video-sharing websites like YouTube shows no interesting in it. As we all know, FLV is most popular video format for online delivery, due to its wide availability of Adobe Flash Player in most common web browsers. To key to solve the More

How to convert MPG to AVI

Want to convert your collected .mpg video files to AVI video for playback on your portable AVI-compatible devices like PSP, Xbox, Android smart phones? While AVI is widely used nowadays by portable devices and media players, More

How to convert AVI to MOV

Some video players supports AVI for playback but some like QuickTime cannot read AVI at all. If you would like to share an interesting AVI video to your friends with QuickTime or edit these AVI videos with iMoive, you can convert AVI to MOV.
Lots of AVI to MOV Converter exist in today’s More

How to convert MPEG4 to WMV on Mac

How to convert MPEG4 to WMV on Mac to play MPEG4 on WMV-compatible devices? Mac MPEG4 to WMV Converter for Mac from Leawo will be your ideal choice that can easily and efficiently convert among all fashion video formats, MPEG4 to WMV included. Here is a guide on how to More

How to convert F4V files to WMV on Mac

F4V is a video file developed by Adobe. It is used to cater for the requirement for high-definition video which delivers over the internet. And so, it has better video quality compared to the ordinal F4V video. With the high quality plus small file size, it has been widely used online. However, More

How to upload AVI to YouTube for sharing

Q: I have a few things I want to upload but the files are .avi and are played on VLC media player. I want to use a video editor like Windows movie maker but it doesn’t accept .avi files. What can I use so I can make some clips and upload them?

A: To More

How to play DRM-Protected iTunes movies on WD TV

Is WD TV able to play purchased iTunes movies? As movies purchased from iTunes has DRM protection, most of iTunes purchases are banned be copied for other devices playing. Therefore, if you want to play iTunes movies on WD TV, you need to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies and then convert More