Approach to convert FLV to MKV

Actually, not all the digital products can support flash videos. In addition, we know that MKV always has better quality than flash videos. So how can we convert FLV to MKV so that it can get better quality?
This just needs a few simple steps with a Video converter, which can enable us to convert flawlessly FLV to MKV as well as keep all the original effects. What’s more, we can even edit the video or even add watermark and 3D effects for the converted video.
Thus, this paper is actually a tutorial about how to convert FLV to MKV. Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: download the Video Converter.

Step 2: Load the flash videos.
Actually, 2 ways are provided to input the flash video: click the add icon or drag and drop the video to the program.

Click the video file for previewing. Choose the output video format as MKV and select a folder as output folder.

Step 3: edit the video
Just click the edit icon to start the video editing. This step is optional.

Trim, crop, effects and watermark are offered to be customized. Trim the video length, crop the video size, adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation and even add text or image watermark for the converted video.
Of course, if you want to add 3D effects, just get back to the main screen and click the 3D icon to add 3D effects.

Step 4: audio and video settings

Multiple parameters are offered to be personalized like video and audio codec, video size, and video quality and so on.

Step 5: start the FLV to MKV conversion.
Click the convert icon after all the settings to start the FLV to MKV conversion. In addition, it’s better to choose “open output folder after conversion”.

Just wait until the FLV to MKV conversion has been finished and the output folder is opened for you.

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