Easy way to burn Xvid to DVD

Some DVD players support to play Xvid video with USB or Card Reader. But most don’t, in this case, simply burn Xvid to DVD to play with any home DVD player. By doing this, you can freely enjoy Xvid on your computer with a DVD drive or on TV with DVD player connected. In the following post, we will share you an easy way to burn Xvid to DVD with a Xvid to DVD burner.

Download and install Xvid to DVD burner.
Download and install Xvid to DVD burner for Mac.

How to burn Xvid to DVD?

Step1. Load Xvid files
Launch Xvid to DVD burner and click “Add” to import Xvid videos. Or you can download online videos by clicking “Download” button.

Step2. Edit
You can click “Edit” to edit the videos so as to get the better effect, you can trim the video length, crop the video size, adjust its effect and add watermark to videos.

Step3. Select a DVD menu template
Click “Burn to DVD” the big button at the bottom of the right corner, you can enter into the following panel, in which you can choose one template from these presets. To make it more flexible, the background music and picture can be replaced by your own.

Step4. Settings
After selecting the menu template, you can click “Next” to access to the setting panel, in which you can choose your own volume label. And choose burn video to ISO File or DVD Folder. In “Options”, you can choose the destination for you to save the output file. In “Video Settings”, you can select the suitable TV Standard and Aspect Ratio.

Step5. Burn Xvid to DVD
After setting you can click “Start” to burn Xvid to DVD. With just a few steps and less time you can make a DVD disc by yourselves.

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