How to achieve conversion from YouTube to DVD?

As we know, DVD cannot accept YouTube videos, thus we have to convert YouTube video to DVD video if we want burning YouTube to DVD disc.
To achieve conversion from YouTube to DVD, we need a DVD Creator which can enable us perfect convert YouTube to DVD as well as support customizing the DVD menu. In addition, we can edit the original YouTube video with this DVD Creator.
Next, let’s check out the tutorial of burning YouTube to DVD with a DVD Creator.

Download the DVD Creator here.

Step 1: start the program and load the YouTube video to it.

Click the buttons under the view screen for previewing. “Move up” and “Move down” are provided to be adjusted the sequence of the video files.

Step 2: edit the video

After load the video, please click the edit icon to start the video editing.

Trim, crop, effects and watermark are offered to be customized. Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation and even add image or text watermark for the converted.

Step 3: customize the DVD menu

Click the convert icon to start the DVD menu customizing.

Here you can set the theme of the DVD menu such as festival or business. Input the menu label, set background picture and background music.

Step 4: burning YouTube to DVD

After all the settings, please click next to the next step.

Set the output format as DVD folder and customize the video settings. Choose the disc type and video quality.
The program will show you the required disc space. And then, click the start icon to start the conversion from YouTube to DVD.
The program will automatically finish the YouTube to DVD conversion.

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