How to burn AVI to DVD on Mac?

As we know, AVI has been quite popular because of its high quality and low size. Well, if we have various AVI videos and want to burn them to DVD on Mac, what tool can we use? Actually, we just need a Mac DVD creator to easily and quickly burn AVI to DVD on Mac.
This simple tutorial will tell you how to burn AVI to DVD on Mac with a few steps as well as customize the videos.

Step 1: Prepare
You need have a Mac PC, download a Mac DVD Creator and get a DVD burner and blank DVD disc.

Step 2: Load AVI files
Install the Mac DVD Creator and run it. And then click the add icon to input the AVI files to the program. You are able to switch to batch mode for batch conversion.

Step 3: Customize the video
If you want to edit the video before the AVI to DVD conversion, just click the edit icon to customize the video. There are 5 options: trim, trop, effects and watermark.

Thus, you can trim the video length, crop the video size, adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and even add image or text watermark.
What’s more, you can click the 3D icon to add 3D effects for your DVD.

Step 4: Customize DVD menu
You can apply the default DVD menu or just click “Customize menu” to customize the DVD menu.

You can adjust the wallpaper, background music and menu type, etc.

Step 5: Burn AVI to DVD disc
Check “Burn to disc”. Choose correct TV Standard as per your location. Adjust aspect ratio and video size. After the settings, just choose “Start” to start burning AVI to DVD.

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