How to burn DV to DVD?

We all know DV is the abbreviation of Digital Video. It is a digital video format developed by multiple famous home appliance manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and Canon, etc. Nowadays, it also means a digital video camera. Digital video is often recorded on a tape or through discs, especially DVD to publish. So we will take many videos with our HD DV, for example videos about this Halloween. Next we will look into how to burn DV to DVD.

Step 1: Prepare
You should just prepare a DVD Creator and install it on a computer. In addition, you need prepare the digital videos.

Step 2: input the digital videos

Just start the program and click the add icon to input the digital videos. You are able to view the digital videos on the view screen.
In addition, you can click “Move up” and “Move down” to adjust the order of the videos.

Step 3: edit the videos

Please click the edit icon to edit the video. You can trim the video, crop the video size, customize the effects and even add text or image watermark of the videos. As for display effects, you can adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation.

Step 4: converting settings

After edit the video, you should just click “Tools” – “Options” to customize the converting options such as generation, connection, thumbnail and conversion.

Step 5: DVD menu settings

After the converting settings, you should press the burn button to the next step – DVD menu settings. Here you can choose an appropriate menu type, set a suitable background picture such as pictures for Halloween and add background music.

Step 6: burn DV to DVD

Just click “Next” to choose to burn to DVD folder and customize the video settings. Then click “Start” to burn DV to DVD.
Now, you can send the Halloween DVD to your friends and take it as your forever memory.

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