How to convert ASF to AVI?

ASF, the abbreviation of Advanced Streaming Format, is a streaming multimedia file format Microsoft developed for Window 98. It is the core of Windows Media Player. ASF is a data format which could help audio, video, images and control orders scripts be transferred as network data package to realize multimedia contents post. Among them, the contents transferred over the internet are called ASF Streaming. ASF could support arbitrary compression and decompression coding and can use any kind of ground network transmission agreements. Thus, it is quite flexible. However, sometimes we will need to play it on some portable devices such as Iphone or Ipad. How can we realize it? The answer is converting ASF to AVI.
Next, let’s detailed look through the steps of converting ASF to AVI.

Step 1: just prepare a video converter and install it on your computer.

Step 2: start the program and simply input the original ASF video.

Just click to input the original ASF video and preview the video on the view screen. Choose the output video format as AVI and designate a folder for the output video.
You are also able to click to set the audio and video display effects of the generated video. It’s better to choose a bite rate and video size which is appropriate to your device.

Step 3: Click “Tool” – “Options” to customize the generation, connection, thumbnail and conversion of the converting process.

Step 4: simply click to start editing the video.

You can trim and crop video, customize the display effects like contrast, brightness and saturation and even add text or image watermark for the generated video.

Step 5: click to start the ASF to AVI conversion. You’d better choose “Open the output folder after conversion” so that the output folder would be automatically opened after the conversion.

The ASF to AVI conversion will be finished within a few seconds. Then you can watch the video and transfer it to portable devices.

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