How to convert AVI to DVD with AVI to DVD converter?

Everyone must have some videos stored in AVI format, since AVI is so popular, it is known by almost all the people, even the one who have poor knowledge about the video format. Everyone must have some precious DVD discs, too. It seems to be a usual practice to keep the loved videos with DVD. As a result, you must have come across the problem about how to convert AVI to DVD, the conversion between these two common formats may come into your life frequently, if you are a movie lover, you definitely should know how to copy AVI to DVD to make your enjoyment easier.
There is a step-by step guide for you to understand the details about the conversion.
Firstly, download the AVI to DVD converter, then run the program.

Step 1: After you selecting the AVI videos you want to burn, drag them in the program or click the “Add Video” button to import them.

Step 2: Edit the videos before burning, click the “Edit” button to enter the edit interface, you can adjust the video effects, such as brightness, contrast and saturation, you can also trim, crop the video, add image and text watermark to the video.

Step 3: Move on by clicking the “File>Burn to DVD”, choose the appropriate menu template for the DVD, if you have better ideas, you can create the background with your own music and picture.

Step 4: Set for the output DVD, click “Next” to get the detailed setting interface.

Step 5: After all the setting have been done, start the conversion, all will be done in just a moment.

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