How to convert AVI to iphone with AVI Converter?

Still haven’t an iphone? Then, you must want to have one, in current days, iphone has already occupied a big part of the mobile phone market. The iphone users spread all over the world, and you are probably lucky to be one of them. We all know that the products of Apple company are always distinctive because of the gorgeous appearance, the look-ahead operating system and fascinated applications, and this special brings Apple users many restrictions, video conversion for iphone users is already a common issue. How to convert AVI to iphone? Is there an AVI to iphone converter? You must have asked the same question before, in fact it doesn’t count a question when you see the simple steps below.

Firstly, download AVI Converter from here.


Step 1: Add AVI video file

After you start the program, you will find the easy interface helps a lot, you can hit the “Add Video” button to add videos or just drag them in.

Step 2: Output settings

According to your iphone, choose the video format you want to convert for the iphone in “Profile“. Meanwhile, you can simply set the video quality, audio quality, and the output file position here.

Step 3: Conversion

If you have no some other special requirement just conversion between video formats, here just click the “Convert” icon to finish the conversion.

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