How to convert AVI to MKV with AVI converter?

AVI is a very common container format for digital video. It has been used for a long period, but now it is no longer the mainstream format for digital video. MKV is a newer and more efficient digital video container format with smaller video and audio file sizes of the same quality.
MKV is really a new and fantastic video format which is worth to be chosen to storage videos, and there is no doubt that why there are so many people ask about the question of how to convert AVI to MKV.
With AVI converter, you can achieve the conversion from AVI to MKV effortlessly.
After you download AVI Converter from here, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click "Add Video" button on the toolbar or menu “File >Add Video Folder" to import the AVI video file you want to convert.

Step 2: Click “Edit” icon to enter “Edit" window.

1. Under “Trim”, adjust "Start Time" and "End Time" for a video length you want.

2. Under “Crop”, drag “Letter Box” to adjust the video size.

3. Under "Effect", adjust the “Brightness", “Contrast" and “Saturation" for the output video effect.

4. Under "Watermark", add image or text watermark to the video.

Step 3: Choose MKV video format you want in “Profile". Then remember the location for the output folder, make sure every option is upon your requirement.

Step 4: After you have set up all the output format and parameters, just one click the “Convert” button to start converting.

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