How to convert AVI to MOV with AVI converter?

MOV file is a QuickTime media container format, QuickTime is a multimedia framework developed by Apple Company, the QuickTime framework which provides a common set of APIs for encoding and decoding audio and video and the QuickTime movie file format, MOV. Here I can’t help saying that Apple Company provides so many amazing products for us, and at the same time it brings us so much other trouble, such as we need know how to convert AVI to MOV sometimes to cater for the special Apple software and devices.

Here is an easy guide for you to learn about how to convert AVI to MOV with AVI converter.

Download AVI Converter and install it then launch it.


Step 1: Just drag in the video file, then double click the file name to make sure this is the right video file which you want to convert.

Step 2: Choose output format in “Profile“.

Step 3: Edit the video as you want.

(1)     Under “Trim”, adjust the video length you want.

(2)     Under “Crop”, adjust the video size.

(3)     Under “Effect“, adjust the output video effect.


(4)     Under “Watermark“, add image or text watermark to the video.

Step 4: End the whole conversion, hit “Convert” button to start.

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