How to convert DVD to Iphone for Mac?

“I got a DVD which has recorded a beautiful love film. Now, I want to rip the video from DVD so as to watch the video on my Iphone. However, Iphone cannot support the DVD video. By the way, I only have a Macbook. How can I convert DVD to Iphone for Mac?”
I believe that many people might have the same problem, thus this paper will aim at how to convert DVD to Iphone for Mac with a Mac Video Converter Pro.

A Mac Video Converter Pro can perfectly convert DVD to Iphone for Mac as well as enable us to edit the video, add personal watermark or even add 3D effects for the video.

Now, please look into the guide about how to convert DVD to Iphone for Mac.

Download the Mac Video Converter Pro first.

Step 1: start the program and add the DVD video.

Here you can directly drag and drop to input DVD files or click the DVD icon.

Step 2: edit the video

This step is optional. Click the edit panel to edit the video.

Trim, crop, rotation, effects and watermark are provided to be customized here. Trim the video clips you like, change the video size, adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and add personal watermark for the output video.

Step 3: choose output video format

Click the button before “3D” to choose profile. Click “Apple” tab to choose Iphone video formats or click the plus icon for detail audio and video settings.

Here you can choose Iphone or Iphone 4. It is based on which generation Iphone you have.

In addition, you can adjust the audio and video parameters after you click the plus icon. You can customize output file parameters within this Video Converter Pro for Mac to meet your devices or your needs exactly, like video codec, audio codec, quality, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

Step 4: start the DVD to Iphone for Mac conversion

After all the settings, please click the convert icon to start the DVD to Iphone for Mac conversion.

After the DVD to Iphone for Mac conversion, you can upload the video to iTunes and sync it to your Iphone.

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