How to convert DVD VOB to AVI?

As we know, VOB is a file that we often used to save the audio, video and subtitles on a DVD. It is widely applied on DVD. While AVI is a file format that synchronizes and combines audio and video. It is often used on multimedia CD for saving the TV programs or movies and some other data. And AVI has been supported by many digital products and portable devices such as smartphones, Music player and MID, etc.
Sometimes we need to convert DVD VOB to AVI so that the audio and video files could be played on some portable devices such as tablet computers.
Now, I’d like to introduce how to convert DVD VOB to AVI with a video converter.

Step 1: Just get a Video converter and set it up.

Step 2: simply open the program and input the original DVD VOB file.

You are able to preview the source video on the view screen. Just choose the export video format as AVI and specify a folder for it. Then click to customize the audio and video display effects of the exported video.

You could customize the bite rate, video size and video coding here.

Step 3: and the click to edit the video.

Here, you are able to trim and crop the video, customize the display effects and even add text or image watermark of the generated video. You can set the contrast, saturation, brightness and volume on the display effects option.

Step 4: next, you should click “Tool” – “Options” to set the generation, connection, thumbnail and conversion of the DVD VOB to AVI converting process.

Step 5: at last, just click to convert DVD VOB to AVI. It is advisable to choose “Open output folder after conversion”.

The converter will finish the VOB to AVI conversion in no minute. Wait until the program open the output folder for you after the conversion.
Watch the video and transfer it to your portable devices.

  1. Heck of a job there, it aslbotuely helps me out.

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