How to convert M2TS to MP3

Want to convert M2TS to MP3 for playback but don’t get the proper way? Here in this post we will share you how to convert M2TS to MP3 in detail.
M2TS files are used primarily with Sony hardware. Camcorders make use of M2TS in the form of AVCHD, a recording format made specifically for camcorders. Some camcorder models from Canon also use M2TS files. These files are also present on Blu-ray disc compilations, therefore they are capable of storing quite a large amount of information and data tracks. So, how to play M2TS on MP3 player or mobile phone? Actually, you can adopt M2TS to MP3 Converter to convert M2TS to MP3 for playback.
M2TS to MP3 Converter is a professional tool for converting M2TS videos to MP3 or other video and audio formats. The following guide will show you how to convert M2TS to MP3 with M2TS to MP3 Converter step by step.
Download and install M2TS to MP3 Converter.
Guide: How to convert M2TS to MP3
Step1. Import M2TS videos
Launch M2TS Converter, click “Add” to import M2TS videos into M2TS Converter. Built-in player has been provided for you to preview and check the imported videos by double clicking the file.

Step2. Set output format
Go to the drop down box of “Profile” to select MP3 in “Common Audio” as the output format. You can input MP3 in the search box to locate related MP4 format you need.

Step3. Edit (Optional)
Choose a file and click “Edit” to edit video. Trim video length, crop play region, set visual effects and add watermarks. Customize exported file as you wish.

Step4. Settings
To make advanced settings, click “Settings” button to enter “Settings” panel, some parameters such as Video code, video size, Bit rate, Frame Rate, etc can be adjusted as you like. Click on “Save as” if you want to save the format parameters for future references.

Step5. Convert M2TS to MP3
Then click “Convert” button on the home interface to start to convert M2TS to MP3.

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