How to convert M4V to M4A audio?

M4V is a video format that mostly applied on network video websites and mobile devices. It is a special type of MP4 format. The suffix is often .mp4 or .m4v. It applies H.264 video coding and AAC audio coding. It is designed by Apple and often seen on Ipod, Iphone and PlayStation Portable.
While on the other hand, M4A is the extension name of MPEG4 audio standard. Since Apple begins to use .m4a in its iTunes and iPod to distinguish the MPEG4 audio and video files, it has been quite poplar. Even now, it could be supported by almost all the software that could support MPEG4.
Thus, today we will look into how to convert M4V to M4A so that we could enjoy the audio on iPod, Iphone and even other portable devices.

Step 1: Just download a Video Converter and install it.

Step 2: please start the video converter and click to input the source M4V video.

You can preview the video just by clicking the buttons under the view screen. Choose the output audio format as M4A and designate a folder for it.

Step 3: And then click settings icon to carry out the audio settings.

Step 4: click “Tool” – “Options” to customize the general, connection, thumbnail and conversion of the M4V to M4A converting.

Step 5: just press and start the M4V to M4A conversion. The conversion will be finished in no minute.

You can choose “Open the output folder after conversion”. In this way, the program will automatically open the output folder after the conversion.
Now, you can listen to the music and transfer it to your iPod, Iphone and other portable devices.

  1. I’m rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

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