How to convert video file with video converter?

Everybody wants to know if there’s an easy way to convert video file. Video Converter is just a converter which provides the easiest and quickest solution to converting video file. Know little about video conversion? Have no idea about how to convert video file? Since now, with this video converter, they will be not your puzzle any more. Just run the program, open video, select a ready-made preset for the video, and hit Convert.

Firstly, download Video Converter from here.

Step 1: Add file.
Click "Add Video" button on the toolbar or select under “File >Add Video Folder" on the main interface to load files. Or you can just drug the file in.

Step 2: Set for output format
Double click the file name to have a preview. Choose the video format you want to convert to in “Profile". Meanwhile, in this interface you can simply set the video quality, audio quality, and the output file position.

Step 3: More detailed settings for the output.

  1. Click “Settings” to enter the “Settings” interface.

  1. In the “Settings” interface, you can customize audio and video codec, quality, bit rate, video frame rate, video size, audio sample rate, etc. according to your requirement.

Step 4: Edit video
Before the conversion, you have the chance to edit the video for a better visual effect. Click “Edit" button to enter the edit interface, then, you can trim a video clip you like, and crop for a video dimension to your screen. Under “Effect", you can also adjust the “Brightness” and “Contrast”. What’s more, you just need to click “watermark”, you can also add image and text watermark to the video.

Step 5: Set for the speedy conversion
Navigate to "Tools>Options" to control performance of your computer and video conversion progress via CPU multi-core setting and save your time by CUDA accelerating.

Step 6: Start Conversion
After you have set up all the conversion output format and parameters, hit the “Convert” button to start converting.

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