How to convert VOB to MP3

A: I recently purchased Life on the Murder Scene, a video documentary by My Chemical Romance. It includes a lot of live performances that I wish to convert into mp3 files so that I can put them on my ipod. I can’t find a file conversion site to convert such a large file, and some sites won’t allow VOB files at all. The majority of the files are .99 GB. I just want to convert these files. It may sound stupid but please help.
Q: To convert VOB to MP3, an efficient VOB to MP3 converter is necessary. A professional VOB to MP3 converter allows converting VOB to MP3 in a short time and retains high video quality. And trim function allows trimming the length of the video so as to get the part you needed. Following let’s see how to convert VOB to MP3 in detail.
Download and install VOB to MP3 Converter.
Guide: How to convert VOB to MP3
Step1. Import VOB files
Run VOB to MP3 converter, click “Add” or drag and drop VOB files to VOB to MP3 converter. It has provided player for you to preview the imported videos by double clicking the file.

Step2. Set output format
Then enter the drop down box of “Profile”, in which you need to choose MP3 as the output format in “Common Audio”.

Step3. Edit
If you just want to get a certain part of VOB file, you can click “Edit” button and use trim function to decide the start time and the end time for trimming the video length.

Step4. Convert VOB to MP3
Then revisit the home interface and click “Convert” button to convert VOB to MP3. After conversion, click “Open” to get MP3 files.

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