How to convert WMV to WMA?

“I have some WMV files and I tried to directly drag them to the audio bar of Windows Movie Maker. However, I failed. I remember the old version Windows Movie Maker can directly convert video to audio. But I don’t know how to do it with the new version Windows Movie Maker? ”

In fact, the new version cannot support this function. We have to first convert video to audio. Thus, we can first convert WMV to WMA files before we make our own videos with Windows Movie Maker. Here we need the help of a good WMV converter.

Download the WMV converter.

Next, let’s look into how to convert WMV to WMA.

Step 1: load the WMV video

Start the program and input the WMV video. You can directly drag and drop or click the add icon to input the WMV video.

Preview the source video on the view screen. Set the output audio format as WMA and select a folder for the generated video.

Step 2: audio settings

Simply click the settings icon to start the audio and video settings.

Bite rate, audio quality, sample rate, channel and audio codec are offered to be customized.

Step 3: customize the WMV to WMA conversion settings

Simply click “tool” – “Options” to customize general, connection, conversion and thumbnail.

Step 4: convert WMV to WMA

When all the settings have been executed, please click the convert icon to start the WMV to WMA converting.

It is better to choose “open output folder after conversion”. The program will open the output folder for you after the WMV to WMA conversion.

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