How to convert YouTube video to MP4?

Do you have Apple products like Ipod, Iphone or ipad or even Mac Book? And do you often feel whiney for that these Apple products cannot watch YouTube videos and any flash videos? Do you try to find some ways to make YouTube videos can be played on your Apple devices?
Maybe you can find some similar videos on other video format, but it will cost much more time. In fact, there is a simple way that could undoubtedly help you play YouTube video on Apple devices. The answer is jus converting YouTube video to MP4. You just need a good quality video converter and it will perfectly convert YouTube to MP4 in high quality.
Next, let’s look into how to convert YouTube video to MP4 with a video converter.

Step 1: just download a video converter and install it on a computer.

Step 2: Please start the program and add the YouTube video to it.

You are able to preview the video on the view screen. Then choose the output video format as MP4 and select a folder for it. Next click to customize the audio and video settings.

Step 3: after the audio and video settings, please press to edit the video.

Here, you can trim the video and crop the video size. Furthermore, you can customize the brightness, contrast and saturation and even add text or image watermark for the MP4 video.

Step 4: once you have edited the video, just click “Tools” – “Options” to set the YouTube video to MP4 converting options.

You are able to customize the generation, connection, thumbnail and conversion.

Step 5: at last, press to start the YouTube video to MP4 conversion. I suggest you choose “open output folder after conversion” because the program will automatically open the output folder for you after the conversion if you choose this option.

Now, you can enjoy the video on your Apple devices.

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