How to make 3D video?

3D videos have been more and more popular since Avatar. Nowadays, many movies have been created as 3D videos. People have greatly experienced the fun of watching 3D movies which will bring us to the movie world. We can experience everything with the hero of the movie or maybe we feel that we are just the hero in the movie. When we watch “Alice in Wonderland”, we just feel that we are also in the wonderland.
So, here comes the question. How can we make our own 3D videos? In fact, it is quite easy. Next, I’d like introduce how to create 3D video with a video converter.

Step 1: Prepare
Just download a vide converter and install it on your computer. Then, prepare the videos that you want to convert to 3D videos.

Step 2: simply open the program and input the original videos by clicking the add icon.

Preview the video on the view screen, and then choose an appropriate output video and designate a folder for the output 3D video.
Of course, you can also click the settings icon to customize the audio and video settings.

For example, you can change the audio and video codec, adjust the video size and bite rate.

Step 3: edit the video

Just click the edit icon to edit the video. Here you are able to trim the video length, crop the video size, customize the contrast, brightness and saturation and add text or image watermark for the output video.

Step 4: add 3D effects

Choose an appropriate 3D mode according to your 3D glasses.

Step 5: converting settings

Please click “Tools” – “Options” to customize the generation, connection, thumbnail and conversion.

Step 6: make 3D video

After all the settings, you can click the convert icon to start making 3D video. It is better to choose “Open output folder after conversion”.

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