How to watch FLV videos on Android 4.0 phones?

Since the release of Android 4.0, many Android phones can be updated to Android 4.0. Android 4.0 has brought us many new functions and better user experience. However, it also brings us some pities like it cannot support FLV videos. So if you just have an Android 4.0 device and need to watch FLV videos on your device, then this paper will do you a favor.

To watch FLV videos on an Android 4.0 device, we first need to check out what video format the device can support. As we know, most Android 4.0 device can support MP4 videos, thus we will look at how to convert FLV to MP4 so that we can watch the video on our Android 4.0 devices.

Before we start to convert FLV to MP4, we need download a video converter first. Next, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: add FLV video

Start the video converter and simply add the FLV video. 2 ways are provided to input the FLV video: directly drag and drop or click the add icon.

Double click the video file to preview the source video. Select the export video format as MP4 and specify an output folder.

Step 2: edit the video

This step is optional. You can simply click the edit icon to start the video editing.

Some basic video editing effects can be altered such as trim, crop, effects and watermark. Change these effects as you like and add watermark as your own.

Of course, you can turn back to the main screen and click the 3D icon to add 3D effects so as to convert FLV to MP4 3D video.

Step 3: audio and video settings

Here you just need to click the settings icon and set the basic audio and video parameters of the converted video.

Audio and video codec, audio and video quality, video size and many other parameters can be altered here. Change them as you like.

Step 4: convert FLV to MP4

Just start the FLV to MP4 conversion by clicking the convert icon after you finished all the settings.

It is better to choose “open output folder after conversion”. The program will finish the FLV to MP4 conversion within a few seconds.
Finally, you can watch the video on the output folder and transfer it to your Android 4.0 devices.

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