How to watch MTS videos on my Ipod Touch?

MTS is a video format that we can usually see on HD video recorders, especially Sony HD recorders. And we all know that Ipad Touch cannot support MTS videos. Thus, this paper will aim at how to watch MTS videos on Ipad Touch.

I believe that most people won’t be strange with Ipad Touch. It can well support MP4 and MOV videos. Hence, we just need to convert MTS to MP4 so as to watch the video on Ipad Touch.

A good Video Converter will assist us to convert MTS to MP4 as well as keep the source video quality.

Download the video converter.

Step 1: add the MTS video file

Simply start the program and drag and drop to add the MTS video file. Click the add icon is also available.

Double click the video file for previewing. Set the output video as MP4 and choose a folder for the output video.

Step 2: edit the video

This step is optional.

There are totally 4 basic video settings options here. They are trim, crop, effects and watermark. Thus, you can trim the video, crop the frame, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and even add watermark here. Text and image watermark are all available.

Step 3: audio and video settings

If necessary, you can click the settings icon to start the audio and video settings.

Change audio and video codec and quality, video size, bite rate, video size and some other parameters.

Step 4: convert MTS to MP4

Finally convert MTS to MP4 by clicking the convert icon. It is much better to choose “open output folder after conversion”. The program will finish the MTS to MP4 conversion in a few seconds.

Watch the output video and directly transfer it to Ipad Touch.
Now, you can conveniently enjoy the video.

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