RIM releases Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS

After wait for a long time, Blackberry tablet users finally meet a major update of Blackberry operating system.

Today, RIM has provided download of Playbook 2.0 OS for users. It has brought us improved tablet computer experience and enables users to use Playbook in works and entertainments with a brand-new way.

In fact, Blackberry should be provided downloading on the end of 2011. However, it has been delayed because of all kinds of reasons.
The major new function of Playbook OS 2.0 must be the integration of e-mail client. Users can use a unified inbox to manage all the messages, including personal and work e-mail accounts and messages from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, Blackberry OS 2.0 has also provided users new calendar and contacts applications.

Other improvements of Blackberry OS 2.0:

Upgrade BlackBerry Bridge application: provide Bluetooth connection for Playbook tablet computer and Blackberry smartphones.

Higher mobility: upgrade the documents editing function; new “Print to Go” application; improve the management of enterprise data control and management with Blackberry Balance; upgrade the virtual keyboard and support auto corrective function.

New applications and contents: Blackberry App World adds thousands of applications.

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